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Olu Oyerinde
Olu OyerindeSpecialist Nurse
Neala provides insight to financial planning with practical and creative ideas allowing you to make your money work effectively for you. These ideas will enable you to take control of your finances and not your finances taking control of you. Whether your a student, potential home buyer or just wanting to stay ahead of your finances, her resources will give you the tools, skills and insight to making effective and decisive plans and decisions.
Mandy Hudson
Mandy Hudson
I attended one of Neala's seminars in January 2018.  Neala was very passionate in communicating all the topics and her passion motivated many to take action from what she presented. I think she is speaking into a much needed area of financial planning when our education system fails to prepare most students to manage their money in the real world. Neala could assist many to review, tidy up and implement better organisational principles to benefit their finances, I would have no hesitation recommending people to attend one of her seminars.
Kevin Vickers
Kevin VickersSenior Pastor
This seminar was absolutely brilliant. Not only is it incredibly practical, relevant and informative, but Neala presents it with such a heart-felt passion. This is her subject, but it is also her vision and mission to influence and equip a generation with tools that can literally change people’s lives. I highly recommend this programme as a valuable and essential resource for effective financial management!
Steven Garcia
Steven GarciaUniversity Graduate
Working with Neala has been amazing journey and has been extremely helpful, especially during my time at university and even now as a husband and father. The practical hints and tips she gives on personal finance have helped me better understand how important it is to have a structure to how you manage your money. In addition, her resources are given in straightforward terms, which are easy to understand and implement.