Hello, my name is Neala Okuromade and I am a Personal Finance Author along with being a qualified Accountant. I have been pursuing this path for over 21 years (14 years as an Accountant and 7 years writing personal finance resources) and it has been one heck of a journey with a few hard lessons learnt along the way. Through this pathway taken and the many lessons learnt my desire and mission now is to empower people to have a solid personal money plan based on sound practical guidelines and principles.

How did I get here….

I was born and brought up in the Caribbean. From a little child I had always had big dreams to be successful, to climb the corporate ladder, travel the world, the ultimate being a Finance Director. I pursued this vision with determination and focus.

By the time I was 19 I decided to study accounting while working as a cashier in a bank. I was told I was good with numbers and with money. I came up with a financial plan for studying in England and worked diligently towards this goal. Studying and paying foreign student fees was a difficult challenge, it was not easy but I was able to survive and had very little debt at the end of it. The sacrifice paid off and was so worth it when I qualified obtaining my ACCA.

After all that I got into DEBT

After achieving my qualification and doing so well with my personal finances, I am ashamed to say that it went downhill from there. I can only assume that all the years of sacrifice and studying had gotten to me and so now I wanted to enjoy life which meant shopping at expensive stores and eating out often. Credit card bills were on the up, living on overdraft became the norm, I sometimes EVEN ignored my household bills.

One day I suddenly had a wakeup call and had to admit to myself that as a qualified accountant with a good job I was in debt and if I did not take control of my finances it could turn serious. That was a hard pill to swallow because I knew I should have known better. It took me a whole YEAR of serious sacrifice and self control with my money to clear those debts.

Dreams to reality

By the time I was 27 I was holding a key role in a Finance Department of a major property development company in England. I was even flying business class on a regular basis. From there on I just continued to climb the corporate ladder with the goal in mind of being a Finance Director of a company by my mid thirties.

A change in plans….

In 2007 with the world financial crisis unfolding I had a great desire to study finances and there began an in depth study of personal fiancés; world economics and investments. Since then I have invested thousands of pounds and a large portion of my time in my own personal and professional development. This started a desire within me which I acted upon and that was to help individuals develop a solid financial gameplan for their money.

On March 2011 at the height of the Global Financial Crisis I handed in my resignation letter, leaving behind not only an extremely good job but my career and long time dream.  I was the ‘Finance Associate Director’ of one of the fastest growing and reputable charities in England and Wales and I was one step from accomplishing my dream of ‘Finance Director’. Somehow along the way MY DREAM HAD CHANGED. I now had a desire and aim to help as many people as I can learn about money and how to utilize it sensibly. This topic is very dear to my heart and I am passionate about empowering people to make a success of their finances; in the way they spend, save, give and invest money, basically, how they handle their funds.

Was I nervous handing in my resignation….YES. It was a time of global financial uncertainties and a secure job was something you did not let go of. So yes I was worried but since then I have never looked back. My mission now is to help as many people as possible achieve financial success through effective budgeting and money management.

I am not a Financial Advisor though I am currently studying to become one nor do I offer debt management advice. What I do offer is guidelines and help through my resources and seminars so that you can get the best out of your money. I approach financial planning from a holistic standpoint and believe in order to handle your money effectively you must build a sturdy financial foundation. My seminars and resources tackles this area. This would include a thorough understanding of your income and expenses and getting the best out of them now and in the future.

If you are struggling to come up with a Personal Financial Strategy or need to solidify your current plan, just sign up for my free report “The 3-Step Proven System to Mastering Your Finances In 90 Days ” and learn quick easy ways to improve your financial situation. Otherwise you can send me an email to the email address neala@whatsyourfinancialgameplan.com

One Final Thing

Do you know anyone else who would love to unlock the potential in their finances or could benefit from having a clear financial plan tailored to their needs? Please share this page and help others benefit too.

Kindest regards

Neala Okuromade