Hello, my name is Neala Okuromade and I am a Personal Finance Coach and Author of the successful book series What’s Your Financial Gameplan?. I also hold a Financial Advise diploma certificate along with being a qualified Accountant.

I have worked in the finance sector for nearly 25 years (14 years as an accountant and over 8 years writing and teaching on personal finances).

Early in my career, I realised there was a lack of financial education and general unawareness of sound money habits and principles. Through my own financial journey with all its mistakes and achievements and hearing firsthand from other people about theirs I took action.

My early story!

I was born and brought up in the Caribbean. From childhood I had dreams of climbing the corporate ladder. I pursued this dream with determination and focus.

My parents told me I was good with numbers and with money. At nineteen years old I embarked upon my accounting qualification, while working as a cashier in a bank. Studying and paying foreign student fees was a difficult challenge, but I survived and had very little debt at the end. It was worth it when I qualified gaining my ACCA certificate (Association of Certified Chartered Accountant).

Early in my career I got into DEBT

After achieving my qualification and doing so well with my personal finances, I got into debt. I can only assume that all the years of sacrifice and studying had got to me and so now I wanted to enjoy life, which meant shopping and eating out often.

One day I had a wake-up call and had to admit to myself that as a qualified accountant with a good job I was in debt and if I didn’t take control of my finances, it could spiral out of control. It took me a YEAR of sacrifice and self control with my money to clear those debts. Going through this process sparked the desire for me to help others learn about good money management.

Dreams to reality

By the time I was 27 I was holding a key role in a Finance Department of a major property development company in England. From there on, I continued to climb the corporate ladder.

A change in plans….

In 2007 with the world financial crisis unfolding, I had a desire to study finances and there began an in-depth study of personal fiances; world economics and investments. Since then I have invested thousands of pounds and much of my time in my personal and professional development. The global downturn and financial uncertainty helped solidify the desire within me to help individuals develop a good relationship with their money.

On March 2011 at the height of the Global Financial Crisis I handed in my resignation letter, leaving behind a good job and life-long dream.  I was the ‘Finance Associate Director’ of one of the fastest growing and most reputable charities in England and Wales.  I was one step from accomplishing my dream of ‘Finance Director’. MY DREAM HAD CHANGED.

I want to help individuals learn about money and how to get the best out of it. It brings me great joy to see a person turn their financial situation around for the better; in the way they spend, save, give and invest money, basically, how they handle their funds.

Was I nervous handing in my resignation….YES. It was a time of global financial uncertainties and a secure job was something you did not let go of.  But since then I have never looked back. My mission is to help as many people as possible achieve financial success through effective budgeting and money management.

Even though I am a qualified Financial Advisor (MLIBF), I do not offer financial advice services nor debt management advice. Our business charge a flat fee for our services and we do not sell financial products like mortgages, pensions or investments i.e. products regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Our business aim is to equip and educate you to handle your money well and to enjoy your financial journey. We offer guidance and help through coaching, resources, workshops and seminars. We approach financial planning from a holistic standpoint and believe to handle your money effectively; it is good to build a sturdy financial foundation based on quality budgeting and proven money management techniques.

If you are struggling to come up with a Personal Financial Strategy or need to solidify your current plan just sign up for my free report “The 3-Step Proven System to Mastering Your Finances In 90 Days” and learn quick easy ways to improve your financial situation.

Otherwise if you want more information on coaching click this link or read my blog post on Finance Coaching click here.   If you want to have a chat with me regarding coaching, you can send me an email to the email address neala@whatsyourfinancialgameplan.com or call me on 07887550129

One Final Thing

Do you know anyone else who would love to unlock the potential in their finances or could benefit from having a clear financial plan tailored to their needs? Please share this page and help others benefit too.

Kindest regards

Neala Okuromade