Making Finance Coaching accessible and affordable for you.

First things first: It’s your money and you know what you want to achieve.

My aim is to help, support and equip you in defining and achieving those goals. Using my experience, knowledge and skills we help you build a good foundation for your money using guidelines, suggestions and proven budgeting techniques. We also look at different case scenarios and options.

Whether you want to change career, plan for maternity leave, achieve financial freedom, have accountability or a second opinion, we can help.

Choose your level of affordability and access

  • A one off coaching session based on a two-hour meeting (flexible)
  • Three-month session (monthly Skype/phone meeting–one hour per month)
  • Ongoing session reviewed every three months (monthly Skype meeting—1 hour per month)
  • A bespoke system that works for you and is affordable

Clients book a series of sessions over a few months, although some clients find that a single session is all they need. Our service is flexible and we aim to book the sessions on times that best suits you.

We do not sell financial products; we offer financial coaching and not financial advising. Click this link to learn the difference between a financial coach and financial advisor.

There is no financial commitment – you only pay for the coaching you receive.

Through better money management many people can recoup the cost of coaching.

If this is of interest we could work together to create the most effective plan to move you forward.

Here’s how it works:

An initial 20 minute phone conversation to see if it would be workable for both of us.

I’ll start by getting clear on your goals: What are you hoping to achieve?

If you work with us; once we’ve received your booking and payment, we’ll be in touch within 24 hours to organise your session with a time that best suits you.

We’ll look at you and your money. Where you are now and where you want to be. It really depends on you. My aim is to help you develop and achieve realistic, measurable money goals.

I’ll guide you through the steps you need to achieve your goals. Contact me by clicking on the get in touch button below.

Or call me on 07887550129

For honest advice, expert guidance and practical tips and strategies.

If you have questions, or are not sure if this will help you, please also get in touch via the button below or you can email me direct using the email address below:

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