Cut the cost of your wedding

Cut the cost of your wedding by Sam Barrett for Moneywise

Calculated by, this bill includes a whopping £4,354 for the venue, £4,695 for the food and drink, and £923 for the rings. Even small items, such as invitations and make-up can come with hefty price tags, with these costing an average of £149 and £94 respectively.

“There are so many weddings in the limelight nowadays it’s very easy to get wedding envy and believe you need to spend, spend, spend,” says Deborah Vickers, channel director at comparison website MoneyGuru. “If you can avoid being sucked into this, it’s possible to have an amazing day without it costing the Earth.”

Family and friends can also play a huge part in keeping costs down.

Neala Okuromade, a personal finance expert and author of What’s Your Financial Gameplan?, explains: “Talk to friends who’ve got married as they’ll have plenty of money-saving tips but also ask them to help. If you’ve got a friend who’s into baking, get them to make your wedding cake: people love to be asked to contribute to the big day.”

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