Free Christmas Spending Checklist

Hi guys, get on top of your Christmas Spending with this free helpful checklist


In this Free Christmas Spending Checklist you will not only find a checklist but hints and tips on getting the most out of your money this festive season.

I came out with this checklist back in 2013 via a video. Since then I have written about this checklist in a Moneywise article and other various media forms. I now bring it to you here in PDF.

“Create & Implement a realistic & achievable Christmas Plan with a bit of heart and warmth.”


I hope this guide helps you stay on track with your budget for this Christmas Season

My top Christmas Spending Tip

  • Set your budget allocation

Consider how much you have available to spend this festive period. This checklist will help you plan thoroughly.

  •  Be Realistic with Gift Giving

Make a list of the people you wish to purchase gifts for and allocate the budget amount.

  •   Write a list for your Christmas Food Shopping

Know your menu and set your budget along those lines.

  • Recycle outfits and make your own decorations

Have a thorough look inside your wardrobe; It might surprise you what you find.

  •  Start January on the right footing

What a feeling of accomplishment when sticking to your budget, setting off the New Year on a positive note. 

Free Christmas Spending Checklist Link

Don’t let the Commercialised Grinch steal Christmas but enjoy its true meaning of Love, Joy & Peace


The information provided in this article is not intended as financial advice. Please contact an authorised financial advisor for specific advice regarding your situation.

Written by Neala Okuromade

  • Qualified Accountant (FCCA)
  • Diploma in Financial Advising (MLIBF)
  • Practising Financial Coach and Author of the successful book series ‘What’s Your Financial Gameplan?’

Neala Okuromade is an experienced and reputable financial coach. Neala is taking on a new cohort of clients looking for guidance and help in 2020. Click this link for more information.

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