Simplifying financial planning

Genevieve, a pharmaceutical professional in her thirties attended a What’s Your Financial Gameplan seminar hosted by Neala Okuromade. Though Genevieve was not struggling financially or in debt, she realized that her money was not working for her. It intrigued her to how she could create a financial gameplan for herself especially as she was about to begin a new contract role position.

Genevieve was good at managing her money but she needed a bit of guidance using Neala’s know-how to solidify and tighten areas in her money management style to ensure she could make the best of her income. She no longer wanted to live from paycheck to paycheck.

Neala offered life advice and discussions on planning and money rather than helping Genevieve map out her personal budget. Genevieve found these conversations with Neala empowering, she was ready to take control of her finances.

“Neala is very holistic in her approach in that you need to examine the cause and why you need a financial game plan, because being armed with this will help you look at your finances differently.”

Genevieve reviewed her finances and immediately saw the long-term benefits of having a financial strategy. She tightened her expenses, revamped her budget to include a new savings fund for emergencies, travel, etc. Now she was financially organised and equipped to progress into her new job role and confident in her financial situation and future.

“By setting aside money for familial expenses and setting realistic goals on how best to improve my finances, I created a “cushion” I could lean on.”

Genevieve has now taken these learnt skill sets/ knowledge and incorporated them into her family life.

“Neala has taught me that money is a tool, and it is important to tell your money where to go by means of a budget. It is also important to establishing term goals for your money and work towards them daily. Good financial management does not happen by accident, it has to be taught.”

My latest workbook is a step – by step tool guide for the everyday person. It will help you build a solid financial gameplan for anyone who wants to take charge of his or her personal finances.