Informed Choice Radio Show

Informed Choice Radio Show with Martin Bamford: Chartered Financial Planner & Accredited Later Life Adviser at Informed Choice. 

“Today on the show, I’m joined by Neala Okuromade. Neala is known for her passion aimed at personal finance. She’s the author of the book What’s Your Financial Gameplan? which deals with personal finance issues, founded on a long fascination for implementing practical solutions to everyday money problems. With over fourteen years’ experience in accounting, Neala is a member of the ‘Association of Certified Chartered Accountants’ during which time she has managed finance departments.  Here’s my conversation with Neala Okuromade, author of What’s your Financial Game Plan? in episode 280 of Informed Choice Radio”.

Listen to the full podcast here on Informed Choice or click the YouTube link below.


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