Running from debt

Kiran was a graduate student in her twenties who worked part-time at a leading retail supermarket in South West London. Whilst at university and a few years later, Kiran unfortunately found herself £8k in debt besides having her student loan.

Kiran felt she could no longer hide from this dire situation and sought Neala’s guidance on her financial difficulties.

The Challenge To Become Debt Free

Neala had a discussion with Kiran regarding her financial situation and helped assist her by giving guidelines and suggestions that Kiran could use and implement. Neala helped Kiran set up a simple paperwork filing system that could organise all her financial paperwork in one place sectioned into categories. Kiran then called each of the companies she owed money to and explained her financial circumstances.

Neala wanted to ensure Kiran was equipped to take personal ownership of her finances where before it was very difficult and hard to understand.

She did it!

Within three years Kiran cleared all her outstanding debts (except for her student loan). Through due diligence, attention and persistence Kiran could achieve her goal of being debt free much quicker than she expected.

“Neala helped me to be disciplined with my money and also to be organised and tackle my problems, not run away. It gave me a new life that I never even dreamed or thought about. It gave me new hope to be diligent in following a few simple changes to my life and how I handle money I wouldn’t be able to sit here today and say that I am debt free. Things have turned out for the better”.

– Kiran

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