What’s your Financial Gameplan Book Bulk Purchase (10 Copies)


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What’s Your Financial Book Bulk Purchase

This bundle has the essential books to get you started on your journey to financial planning success and learn Neala’s common sense principles for managing your money.

About This Bundle / Reviews

Our Financial Gameplan bundle includes our essential book and workbook combination to help you get started on your money plan: What’s Your Financial Gameplan Book and What’s Your Financial Gameplan Workbook.
It covers the steps necessary to manage your money and get the best out of it. It is the foundational building block of any personal finance plan and teaches you to know your current financial state and help guide you on how to implement your future money goals.
With this Combo Special, you’ll gain the knowledge and the motivation to:
• Identify your current financial situation
• Clarify your financial freedom journey
• Questions to examine your money habits
• Why a good credit report is essential for financial success
• A simple cost reduction system
• Common sense way for making investments
• To create your own 1-year, 5-year or even 10-year financial roadmap
• Create a realistic budget that works for you
• Learn to live on less than you make
• Develop healthy money habits to help you reach your goals

What’s Included?


What’s Your Financial Gameplan? Workbook

Get started with Neala’s simple step-by-step plan.
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