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I am an experienced speaker and workshop host.

I have spoken at a number of events, which included speaking in Colleges, Universities, local Community groups and churches. On each of these occasions, I have either spoken on the topic of Finances or delivered Finance Seminars or workshops.

My seminars / workshops are interactive and engaging. They can be tailored to an adult or young audience. I also offer customized presentations or seminars to suit the needs of your audience.

The workshops and seminars consists of a powerpoint or prezzi presentation, video clips, some practical exercises, discussions and concludes with a Q&A session. There is also the resource books that individuals can purchase to take home to help them with creating their own financial plan for the future.

Here is a more in-depth list of the seminar/workshop topics I can cover:

Financial planning

  • The four financial categories people generally fall into
  • It covers the good and bad of each of these groups
  • Helps a person identify which type they find themselves in
  • Assists the individual to pinpoint which category they would like to get to
  • This section of the seminar then gives helpful advice for an individual on how to foolproof their financial plan.


  • Highlights what is an effective budget
  • Shows how the mass majority of people budget for failure
  • The power of compounding within a person’s budget


  • Looks at the general psychology of debt in society today
  • Addresses an individual’s perception of debt
  • Good debt/ bad debt analogy
  • Debt and your credit score

A savings strategy

  • Why should a person save and the importance of having savings
  • Why are most people not able to save?
  • How to foolproof your financial plan with savings

An investment-making approach

  • Addressing a person’s thinking about what is wealth
  • The importance of having a long-term strategy for your money

Credit report and credit scoring

  • What is a person’s credit history, credit report and credit score?
  • How do you protect your credit report and score?
  • Why do you need to protect your credit history?

Global finance update

  • World finances simplified, breaking down the world economies into four financial categories.
  • Understanding where we are financially as a country and how it affects your personal finances
  • Current world economic update; where are we globally and how will it impact me as an individual.

Community Outreach

  • How has this current global climate affected your local community?
  • What can you as an individual do about it?
  • Practical and useful ways for helping your local community

I can tailor my talks to both small, medium and large audiences. For fees and availability, contact me for more information. Click below to get in touch: